Masonville Houses

Masonville Houses 1 thru 54 as shown above and Masonville family names listed be below correspond to the house numbers shown the hand drawn map “Masonville” as remembered by Horton J. McCormick.

When Masonville was annexed by Baltimore City in 1910 a number of street names were changed.  Matson Street, earlier was known as Mason St. Chesapeake Ave. had been named Hospital Drive. and Baltic Ave had been named  Baltimore ST.

1. No.3308 The Arnold Family. Ray and Julie had  3 children ,  Florence  Sis” , Carroll “Loose Joints” and Buddy

2. No. 3306 The Okus Family had 4 children, Frank, Etta,  Elizabeth and Theresa .

Frank Okus married

Etta Okus never married

Elizabeth Okus never married

Theresa Okus married Bernard Greenstreet and they had 3 children, Bernard, Gordon and Elaine. Bernard Sr and his two sons worked at the Gulf Oil Corporation in Fairfield.

Bernard Greenstreet

Gordon Greenstreet married Dorothy Tomalski from Masonville

Bernice Greenstreet married

Note: Houses #3308 and 3306 were the only brick houses in Masonville

3. No. 900 Mavin St..The Lemon Family. Harry and Ida did not have any children. Ida was from Wagners Point. Harry worked at the Standard Fertilizer Co. in Curtis Bay.  He raised chickens in his back yard

4. No. 902 Mavin St. The Schwab Family.  Frederick and Mary had 5 children  Fred Jr. Mary, Majorie, Rosie, Louisa.

Fred Schwab married Emily, “Lou”, Griffith .They had 1 child Mary Lou.  Mary Lou married Robert Johnson from Baltimore. They had 2 children; Sharon and Larry.

Mary Schwab married Carter Voshal They had one child Marie.

Fred  Schwab married Billy Rooney from Texas.

Rosie Schwab  married Roman Jackson She later married Milton Langhert.

Louise Yirka married James Yirka from Curtis Bay( See house #30)

Note: The Lemon and Schwab houses were a large wooden duplex that appeared to be built before the row houses were built.

The McCormick family of Masonville began in the late 1800’s. John  McCormick Sr. came from County Clare in Ireland. His wife to be, Katherine Degnan arrived in the US in 1888 they were married and  lived at 1309 W. Pratt Street in Baltimore. They were owners of a tavern at the same address according to the 1890 Baltimore Directory. The building with a store front is still there and is a short distance from the B&O RR Muesum.

The McCormicks  had 4 children. James was born in 1889, Mary born in 1891, John (my father)born in 1894 and Thomas born in 1896.  All of the children were baptized at St. Athanasus church in Curtis Bay.  The McCormick’s  were active in the parish. John McCormick Sr. helped dig the foundation for the  church and also donated a stained glass window  inscribed with the family name.

Katherine Degnan McCormick’s brother James Degnan had become a very successful coal miner in Wilburton, Oklahoma. James Degnan, with a partner James McConnell developed the coal fields and mines in Wilburton.  They became very wealthly and donated land and money for the “West End Academy”  school and the “Sacred Heart Catholic Church”. They lived in identical mansions with the church between them. (Wilburton Hist. Booklet 1990)The land is still known as the” Degnan Territory”.

According to Beatrice Drinks Macher Morrison , James and Mary Degnan were on their way to Baltimore for a visit when James suffered a stroke in Chicago . James and Mary returned to Wilburton  where James later died.  James was born in 1853 and died in 1909.  He is buried in the Catholic Cemetery outside of Wilburton, Ok.(Ok. Cemetery Index)

After James Degnan’s death  Mary A. Degnan provided enough money to Kate Degnan McCormick to purchase 4 houses in Masonville,  one for each child.(Mason’s addition to Brooklyn Land records A.A County,GW71,Pg 38, 1909)

#3213  James McCormick married Augusta Knell, they had two girls Marie and Shirley. James sold his house to George Warfield and moved to Fairmount Ave. in Baltimore. James and Augusta divorced. Augusta moved to New York  and took daughter Shirley to live with her.

Marie McCormick remained in Baltimore and married Joseph Watycheski. They had 2 children. Joanne Shirley and Carol Lee

Joanne Shirley Watcheski married William R. Thompson. They had 2 children. Terri Lynn and Sherri Lynn.

Terri Lynn Thompson

Sherri Lynn Thompson

Carol Lee Watcheski married  Samuel O’Connell they had 2 children Tammy Lee and Sandy K.

Tammy Lee O’Connell married Danny Ernest Polk they Had 3 children. Danielle Marie , Danny Earnest Jr. and Emily Ann (Adp.)

Danielle Marie Polk

Danny Earnest Jr. Polk

Emily Ann Polk

Sandy Kay O’Connell married married Brian Nickey they had 5 children, Chad Michael Kimmey, Casey Alyshia Kimmey, Madison Rilley Nickey, Lauren Nickey, Lindsey Nickey.

Chad Michael Kimmy

Casey Alyshia Kimmey

Madison Rilley Nickey

Lauren Nickey

Lindsey Nickey

Shirley McCormick married Clyde Rowzee . They had 1 child Clyde.

Clyde Rowzee Jr., married Veronica   ?. They had 1 child Anne Marie.

Anne Marie Rowzee

Shirley McCormick Rowzee later married Conrad Ditzel. They had 1 child, Kurt.

Kurt Ditzel  married Connie  ? They had 2 children, Nicholas and Michael Cole .

Nickolas Ditzel

Michael Cole Ditzel

#3209 Mary McCormick married James Lee Drinks from Popes Creek, Charles County, Md. They had 5 children, Beatrice, Ethel, James Lee Jr., Rosalie, James Lee III. They later sold their house to James Yirka and they moved to Brooklyn Park, MD

Beatrice Drinks married Nelson Macher from Dayton Ohio. They had two sons, Nelson and James . Beatrice later married Bart Morrison.

Nelson Macher Jr  married Joanne Ruth Mertz from Brooklyn they had 2 children  Greg and  Cindy Lynn.

Greg Macher married Joyce Pierdiluca. They had 2 children Kristen Anne and Eric Paul.

Cindy Lynn Macher married Mark Nahorski they had 2 children  Taylor and Natalie.

James Macher married Carolyn Gregoski from Curtis Bay. They  had 3 children James L. II,  Erin and Jeffrey

James Leonard II , married Mary Covington, they had one child, Helen


Jeffrey David married Ingrid Jimenez They had 2 children Paula and Mia

Ethel Drinks married Rupert Smith of Anne Arundel County (See Smith Farm AA County)

James Lee Jr. was killed at an early age playing on the railroad tracks in Masonville.

Rosalie Clair Drinks married Michael Griiser from Glen Burnie, Md. They had 5 children. Michael F. Jr., Rosemary, Kathryn Clare, Elizabeth Ann and Linda Gayle

James Lee III married Sonja Stankowitz from Brooklyn Md.

5. No. 3214 The John McCormick Family;John, Husband, Son of John and Katherine Degnan McCormick .John  worked at the Arundel Sand and Gravel shipyard in Fairfield. Mary, Wife, Daughter of Graham and Annie Harman from Tyson’s Row in Fairfield, Md. They had five children. Eileen, John, Joseph (Died 7 weeks from Whooping Cough) Horton and Betty Mae.

Eileen McCormick married Milton “Buzz” Toenboehn from Kansas. They had 6 children: John G,  Deborah, Mary Pat, Robert (died at birth), Michael and Peter.

John “Jack”  Gregory Toeneboehn married Gabriella Buza.

Deborah Toenboehn married Ron Meledandri they had 5 children: Stacy, Gina, Carla, Dana and Anthony .

Stacey Meledandri married Colum Gatens

Gina Meledandri married Benjamin Dobson.

Carla Meledandri  married Michael Long

Dana Meledandri married Kevin Aurirmma.

Anthony D.Meledandri

Mary Pat Toeneboehn married James Grover. They had 2 children; Megan E, and Josh.

Megan Grover married Christopher Schwarz. They had two children Isabella C and Alexander M.

Josh Grover

Michael F. Toeneboehn married Katherine Brooks from Pasadena MD.They had 2 children  Mathew A and Jeffery M.

Peter Toeneboehn married Margarete Taylor they had 2 children. Grant P. and Ellen G.

John T. McCormick married Elva Bush from Brooklyn, They had 6 children:– Sharon,  John T. “Tom”, Jerome “Jerry”, Patrica and JoAnn, Barbara “Jeanne”

Sharon McCormick married Joseph Moore III  from Baltimore , they had 2 children;  Brian and David.

Brian Moore

David Moore married Eileen Jordan from Chitre, Panama. They had 2 children, twin girls, Isabella Marie and Ana Elena.

John T McCormick Jr. married Elvira Rekucki. They had 2 sons, John Thomas III and Casey Douglas.

Jerome M McCormick married Marge Johnson. They had a son Christopher. Jerome later married  Pam Johnson, they have 3 children. John C, Edward and Michael.

Patrica McCormick married Paul Dembeck, They had 1 son Paul Jr.

Joanne McCormick married Raymond Gomes. They had 1 child Lauren.

Barbara “Jeanne” McCormick married William Wise from Brooklyn, Md.  They have 1  Son Kevin J.

Horton J. McCormick married MaryAnn Kopec from Curtis Bay. They had 3 children; Horton Jr., Megan Claire and Brian Patrick.

Horton McCormick  Jr married Christina Cimino from Baltimore they have 2 children, Horton J .III and SarahRegan.

Megan C McCormick  married John Kevin Brown from Rockville, MD. They had 2 children Sean Winston  and  John Kevin Jr. “Jack”.

Brian P. married Kelley Jenkins from Burtonsville, MD. They had 3 boys Reilly D.,  Connor J. and William W.

Betty McCormick married  Frederick Konopik from Curtis Bay. They had 5 children: Kathleen C, Kevin C., Kelly C.,  Kerry C. and Kate C.

Kathleen C Konopik

Kevin C. Konopik  married Linda Furiate they had 1 son Christopher. Later Kevin married Judy Thorn, later married Aleda Gill from Columbia who had a son Camilo Sanchez.

Kelly C.  Konopik married Jeffrey James  from Baltimore. They had 1 daughter Summer.

Kerry C. Konopik

Kate C. Konopik  married Patrick Gugerty  from Towson Md., They have 3 children Paige, Patrick (Mac) and Mary Claire

The McCormick family moved to 3750 St. Margaret St. in Brooklyn when the B&O RR purchased the houses in 1952

6 No. 3212 Thomas McCormick never married.  Thomas served in the U.S. Army in WWI in the Cavalry in Arizona, and was wounded in France. He spent most of his life in Curtis Bay. He died at Ft. Howard Army Hospital. He is buried in the NationalCemetery on Frederick Rd. in Baltimore. He requested to be buried next to his old friend, Gus Wolfe, who served in the army with him. Thomas rented his house to a number of families: The Walter Drowsky family who had 13 children,the Paul Harman family, the Orville and Ida Stewart who later moved to 3215 Matson St. Curtis and Ann Harman purchased the house from Thomas McCormick

The Curtis Harman Family. Curtis Harman married Ann Harman the daughter of Graham Harman Sr. They had the same last names but were from different families. Curtis Harman was from Frederick, Md. Curtis was raised at Stone House Cove in Curtis Bay.. They were married at St. Rose of Lima Church on May 26,1939. They had two children. Joyce and Curtis Jr.

Joyce Harman had a calling to become a Catholic Nun. She entered  the Sisters of Good Sheppard in Baltimore  on August 6, 1964. When her mother became ill Joyce  felt it was her place to be with her mother. Joyce left the convent to attend her mother..  Anne, Joyce’s mother died of Cancer  on the day Joyce would have received her veil if she had remained in the Convent. Joyce married Robert P. Filipiak from Brooklyn, Md.  Robert was an officer in the US Army.They had two children. MaryAnne and Joseph Curtis.

MaryAnne  Filipiak was born in Munich Germany. She married  Mark Pauls from Newport News. Va. They had 2 children, Courtney Lynn and  Brittney Anne

Joseph Curtis Filipiak  was  born at  Ft. Wainwright i n Alaska. married Mary Scott  Memphis TN. Joseph

Curtis  Harman Jr. Served in the US Arm as a Green Beret Green Beret and was killed in Vietnam on June 14, 1967. Curtis Jr. was 21 years old. The family was notified of his death on Fathers Day.

The Curtis Harman family moved from Masonville to the top of the hill on Fourth St. in Brooklyn. Anna died from Cancer on May 31, 1965 and is buried in Glen Haven Cemetery After Anna’s death Curtis Sr. married Doris Willey, then Connie Hobacon, after Connie’s death  Curtis  married Lillian Pollach in 1977. Curty died in 1987.

7.No. 3345 The Foster Family . Emery and Margarette . Emery had Parkinson Disease. They had 1 child. Buck.

Buck Foster  worked at the Md. Drydock Co., and was the catcher on the Masonville baseball team.

8. No.3343 The Gleason Family : Owned and operated the grocery store. William, “Willy” married . Ellen, Wife, daughter of the Madary family of Wagners Point. They had three children: Catherine, Michael and Cecilia.

Catherine Gleason, Daughter married Andrew Konerth from Wagners Point, MD,  They had 3 boys.

Andrew Konerth Jr. born April l3, 1950,

William Konerth, born 9-16-1952.

James Michael Konerth, son, born August 7, 1963

Michael Gleason, Son, born August 7, 1939.

Cecilia Carolyn Gleason, daughter, born August 26, 1948, married Richard Harris,later married Robert Jackson. They had three children; Margaret,  Ellen and Harris

Margaret Harris was born November 13, 1990.

Richard Charles Harris, Son, Born November 26, 1974.

Kirsten Catherine Harris, born August 9, 1976

9. No.3341 Masonville Store Owned by several people over the years; Nanna Jeeter,  Hennie Faver, Carrie Channey and Willy Gleason.

10.No.3331 Tate Family moved from Maude Ave. in Brooklyn to Masonville.  The Tate family later moved to Baltic Ave.(See Tate’s on Baltic Ave.)

Rice Family; Charles “Bucky”, married  Helen Holy . They had 2 children Iona and  Bernice.

Iona Rice

Bernice Rice

11.No.3329 James and Ella Fitzgerald . They did not have any children.

The Railroad tracks crossed Matson Street at this point.  Note: This is where John Packmayer was killed by a train in his truck

12. No. 3327 The Fred and Lula Gray Family; Fred is the brother of Herbert Gray Sr. They had 3 children; Frederick,”Fritz”, John, and Georgia (Muffy)

Frederick Gray Jr.

John Gray

Georgia “Muffy” Gray

13.No. 3325 House was also owned by Juel Lipschitz . There also was a family named the Laytons who later lived there

14 No. 3323 . Mr. Lipschitz was a street vendor who sold candy, ice cream and etc. from a case he carried with him.

15. No. 3321 Masonville Gospel Hall, was previously owned by the Johnson Lumber Company, Alfred S. Loizeaux was the Pastor. Many Masonville families were active in the church namely, the Arnolds, Carneals, Grays, Greenstreets, Okus, Tates and some of the Harmans.

15.No. 3319 Masonville Gospel Hall (An Expansion) house was previously owned Harry and Agnes Hyland Before Masonville was torn down. The church moved to 502 Jack St. in Brooklyn and is know as “ The Brooklyn Bible Chapel”. A number of the surviving Masonville congregation are still active in the Church.

16. No. 3317   Jackson family; The house was previously owned by Patrick and Blanch Donlon. George and his wife ? they had 3 children  Georgie,  Robert“Rags”, and  Paul

17. No. 3315 Thurma “Bill”Johnson Family; The house was previously owned by Michael and Anne Neuman. “Bill” Thurma,  (Employed by DuPont in Curtis Bay).  married Stella Jeeter Daughter of Samuel and Susan Jeeter. They had 2 sons Robert”Bobby” and Myril

Robert Johnson married Norma Jean Deavers from Fairfield. They had three children: Michael, Jeffery and Susan.  Robert later married Marihelen James.

Michael Johnson married Rhonda Rochford from Gileod, Ohio They had 2 children, Stella and Kenneth.

Jeffrey Johnson married Donna Durkin from Violettville, Md. They had 2         children. Amy and Katie

Susan Johnson married Jonathan Seidenberg from St. Mary’s County, Md. They had 2 children. Jacob and Lena.

Myril Johnson married Judy Pumphry from Brooklyn. They had 2 sons: Randy and Gary.

Randy Johnson  married Tracy Strong from Linthicum. They had 3 children. Bradley, Holly and Grace.

Gary Johnson married Michelle Avery from Glen Burnie. They had 4 children Gabriella, Kevin, Anna and Joseph.

18. No.3313 The Samuel Jeeter Family purchased the house in September 30, 1922. The Jeeters lived on Baltic Ave. before moving to Masonville.  Samuel, Husband, was employed by Roysters Fertilizer Co. in Fairfield.  Susan McGarrity his wife was a cousin of Anne Coonan Harman. They had 7 children –Mary,  Stella, Annabell, Delmus, Edward, Mildred and Samuel “Buzz”.

Mary Jeeter married Eugene Barry they had a daughter Mary Ellen.   (See House  # 52 on Ninth St. )

Stella Jeeter married Thurma “Bill” Johnson (See House #17. 3315).

Delmus Jeeter married Lois Tate from Masonville they had 2 children; Donna and Larry.



Annabel Jeeter Daughter, married Joseph Chellis from Brooklyn They had 6 children; JoAnn Susan, Barbara Gay, Cynthia Ann, Julia Lee, David Joseph and Andrew Scott.

JoAnn Susan Chellis married James Henley from Glen Burnie.

Barbara Gay Chellis married William  Haygood from Annapolis.

Cynthia Ann Chellis married Tubaya Federico from Annapolis.

Julia Lee Chellis married Petria Christopher from Annapolis.

David Joseph Chellis married Kathy Barfield from Annapolis.

Annabelle was a Eucharistic Minister  at St. Andrews by the Bay Catholic Church. After mass Annabelle colapsed  and was taken to the hospital. She was in a coma for ten days. Suddenly she opened her eyes and has completely recovered.

Edward Jeeter  married Doris Gleason from Masonville.      (See House #21   3307)

Mildred Jeeter Born October 26, 1927, married Edward Watts, from Curtis Bay. They had three children, Jean, Delmus and Mark.

Jean Watts  born January 13, 1948, married Terrance Kearns. They had 2 children. Sean , born June 24, 1971 and Gwendalyn, born February 1, 1977.

Delmus Watts born November 9, 1959, married Lisa Davelan March 17, 1963 They had 2 children; Sarah, born August 20, 1996 and Hannah, born April 11,2001.

Mark Watts, born December 25,1965, married Diana Kift December 14, 1967.They had 2 children; Taylor, born July  13, 1994  and Lauren, born November 21,1996

Samuel Jeeter,  Marine was killed on Ewo Jima in WWII, He received the “Silver Star” medal for bravery.( See Picture and Citation)

19. No 3311 The Henry Gray family sold the house to Herbert and Josephine Gray..(Henry disappeared in 1935).Herbert,  (Employed by Union Shipyard in Fairfield) married Josephine Sobrosky . The had 4 children. Herbert Jr. Calvin, Shirley, Alfred.

Herbert Gray Jr. married Margie Porter. Margie had 3 daughters from a previous marriage Ginney, Beverly and Peggy. Herbert and Margie had 2 children Pam and Robin.

Pam Gray

Robin Gray

Calvin Gray,  married Marie Mantooth from Brooklyn they had 2 children. David and Jerry Lynn

David Gray

Jerry Lynn Gray

Shirley Gray, Daughter, married Gene Ennis. Shirley had 2 children from a previous marriage John and Mona Paro. Shirley and Gene.


Mona Paro



Alfred Gray, Son married Kay Shaw from Philadelphia. They had 2 children, Andrew and Sharon.

Andrew Gray


Vickey Gray was born at” Venice on the Bay” and does not have any children.

The Herbert Gray family later moved to “Venice on the Bay” near Ft. Smallwood Park.

The house was later sold to Stewart and Virginia Cavern, then to George and Ella Moseley, then to Harold and Ruth Eicher. who sold to the LaytonFamily; The Layton family children are Joanne, Jimmy and BobbyJo ?

20. No. 3309 The John Forrester , wife Margaret. They sold the house to James and Mary Zientek who sold the house to the Letchworth Family

21. No 3307 Edward Jeeter Family; The house was previously by owned by the Johnson Lumber Co. then Peter Mentis. Edward Jeeter  married Doris Gleason. Edward and was killed in shipyard accident at Maryland Drydock Co. in Fairfield.Doris, his  wife is the daughter of James and Carrie Gleason from Masonville. They had 4 children. Rosemary, Maureen, Johnny, Doris Lee,

Rosemary Jeeter has 3 boys Mathew, Mark, Michael




Maureen, Jeeter has 3 Children   Tina,Vincent, Jayson




John Jeeter Jr. had 6 Children. James, Robert, Karen, Rosemary, John III and Robin





John III


Doris Lee Jeeter, daughter, has  3 children Edward, Samuel and Steven




22. No. 3305 George Mentis Family; house was previously owned by the Johnson Lumber Co. George Father. and 4 children Betty, Daughter, Nick, Son, Rosie and Gloria, Daughter

23. No. 3303 Martin Golden Family; house was previously owned by the Johnson Company, Martin and wife Sarah. They had 2 sons Irving, and David

24. No. 3301 Graham Harman Sr. Family,house was previously owned by Henry Madler and sold 5-22-1919 to Graham Harman (Son of Charles F. “Buck” Harman and Angenetta Chaney (AAC Historical Soc.) The Harman family migrated to America from the Black Forrest in German in about 1753, with the intentions of going to Pennsylvania. Because of the Indian Wars they headed south to Maryland. The community of Harmans near the BWI Airport carries the family name(AACHS) Graham, (first wife was Mary Phelps who died after giving birth to a daughter Blanch.) married Anne Coonan. Graham worked at Dupont Co.,in Curtis Bay. They had 6 children, Mary,  Graham Jr, Edna, Evelyn, Anne and Wilson

Mary married John McCormick from Masonville (See house # 5 )

Edna married Clyde Keefe from South Baltimore (See House #25)

Graham Jr. married Lenora Warfield from Masonville ( See house #27)

Evelyn married Thomas Akehurst from Masonville (See house #46)

Wilson married, Louise ? from North Carolina They lived on Church St in Brooklyn, MD.

Anne married Curtis Harman from Stone House Cove Curtis Bay. (See house #6)

Mavin Street Crossed Matson St. at this point

25. No. 3221 The John A Packmayr, Family, (Moved to House #27)  The Keefe Family; Emerson “Clyde”, and his wife Edna ( Rented the house from the Packmayrs)  Edna, daughter of Graham and Anne Harman and their son Emerson, “Junior”.(The Keefe’s later moved to her mothers house house #24 after Graham Harman Sr. died) Clyde and Junior  were employed by the Weyerhauser Lumber Corp.

The Keefe’s later moved to St. Margaret St. in Brooklyn. Clyde died in his sleep, Edna died at Spring Grove Hospital, Junior was found dead in the alley behind their house on St.Margaret ST. during  a snow storm

26. No. 3219 The John and Isabella Packmayr sold the house to Pep and Marie Gleason Yirka. Pep, Husband was killed on Ordinance Rd. when his car ran off the road and hit an electric  pole.  They had a son Albert who died of Asthma at a young age.

26. No.3219 Voshell Family: Harry, Husband, married Helen Warfield daughter of George and Elizabeth Warfield from Masonville .They had 1 child,  Marie.

Marie Voshell married A. Nelson Clarke. They had 2 children, Karen and Bruce.

Karen Voshell married William Kalista

Bruce Voshell married Mary Genteling

27.No. 3217 The Elizabeth Jensen Family, sold the house to Louis C. Packmayr Family; John Packmayr and wife Isabelle, John was killed crossing the B&ORR tracks in his truck by a train crossing Matson St. between the Fitzgerald and Gray’s houses . They had  7 children.

Katherine, daughter, married Carl Bowen of Brooklyn.

Isabelle (Sue)

Joseph, (Bow)


William ( nick named”Weddie” and “Rubber neck)

Kenneth, Son

The Packmyr family moved to Pontica Ave. in Brooklyn Md.

Note: It was rumored that Mrs. Packmayer made “HomeBrew” in the house during Prohibition.

27. No. 3217 The Graham Harman Jr. Family rented the house from the Packmayers , Graham Jr. son of Graham and Anna Harman of Masonville married Lenora Warfield, daughter of George and Elizabeth Warfied of Masonville .  Graham was employed by the  Weyhauser Lumber Co. in Fairfield.  They had 2 sons Graham “Bunky” and Kenneth born. The family moved from Masonville to 3700 block of St. Margaret St. in Brooklyn

Graham “Bunky” Harman married  Nancy Hampshire daughter of Walter and  Eleanor Hampshire of Baltimore. The family lived in Perry Hall, MD. Bunky died 11-30-99.They had 2 children Gregory and Bradley.

Gregory Harman

Bradley Harman

Kenneth Harman married  Linda Cromer daughter of Earl and Helen Cromer of West Virginia. They had five children:Adam born 11/08/77,  Michelle born 3/09/82 Lindsay born 11/01/83 Darin born 6/07/85, Tyler born 9/12/86 .

Adam Harman

Michelle Harman

Lindsay Harman

Darin Harman

Tyler Harman

The family lived in the Brooklyn Park Area of Baltimore and later moved to Woodbine, Md.

28. No. 3215 Elizabeth Jensen Family rented the house to Orville and Ida Stewart .Orville, Husband, was from  Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ida, born 2/23/20 in Masonville, Md., daughter of George and Elizabeth Warfield. They had two children:Pauline and Irville David Jr.,  12/19/37 married Norman Cannon 11/17/57. Orville David Jr. born 6/16/62

Pauline Stewart married Norman Cannon.

Orville David Stewart Jr.married Phyllis Schafer from Linthicum,11/17/57, y.

29.No. 3213 Warfield Family; George, Husband, worked  for The Royster Fertilizer. Co. Elizabeth, Wife (Miss Lizzy) They had 7 Children Helen, Elizabeth, Ida, Lenora, Anne, Barney and Clarence.

Helen Warfield, Daughter (See House #26)

Marie Voshell (See house #26)

Elizabeth Warfield, daughter, married Irving Acree

Ida Warfield,married Orville Stewart from Tulsa, Oklahoma, on April 8, 1937 in Brooklyn, Md.,

Lenora Warfield, daughter Married Graham Harman from Masonville

Annie Warfield, daughter, married Authur Tolson, they had 3 children. Authur Jr., Jeanette and Ronald

Authur Tolson Jr.

Jeanette Tolson

Ronald Tolson

Barney Warfield, Son, married Ruth Ward from North Carolina

Clarence, Warfield  Son, married ?

30.No. 3209 The Drinks Family, James Lee Drinks married Mary McCormick daughter of John and Kate McCormick. Lee was from Popes Creek in Southern Maryland. Lee was employed by the Arundel Corp. in Fairfield. Lee was foreman of the carpenter shop. They had 5 children
Beatrice, Ethel, Rosalie, Lee Jr. and Lee III.

Note: Lee Drinks Jr. was killed while playing on the B&ORR tracks.  Lee Drinks Sr. was so distraught over the death of Lee Jr. They had another son who they also named Lee, the III.  Lee Sr. could never call his new son Lee. He always referred to his new son as “The Boy”.

Beatrice Drinks,  Married Nelson Macher from Washington, DC.  They lived at 4108 Nichols Ave. over looking Bolling Air Force Base. Beatrice they had 2 children Nelson and James. Beatice later marries Bart Morrison.

Nelson Macher Jr.  married Joanne Ruth Mertz from Brooklyn. They had 2 children Greg and Cindy.

Greg Macher married Joyce Pierdiluca They had 2 children,Kristen Anne and Eric Paul.

Cindy Lynn  Macher married Mark Nahorski, They had 3 children Taylor and Natalie and Zachary Michael

James Macher married Carolyn Gregoski. They had 3 children; James II, Erin and Jeffrey.

James Macher II  married Mary  ?  They had 1 child. Helen

Helen Macher

Erin Macher

Jeffery Macher married Ingrid ? They had 2 children Paula and  Mia.

Paula Macher

Mia Macher

Ethel Drinks, daughter, married Ruppert Smith of A. A. County.(See Smith AACHS)

James Lee Jr. was killed by a train while playing on the B& O RR Tracks

Rosalie Drinks Daughter, Married Michael F. Griiser from Glen Burnie They had 5 children. Michael F. Jr., Rosemary, Kathryn Clare,  Gayle, Elizabeth Ann and Linda Gayle

Michael F.Griiser Jr. married Dorothy Komara, They had 3 children. Kathleen Marie,  Michelle Lynn and Michael J.

Kathleen Marie Griiser married Roland E. Kissinger, Jr. They had 2 children. Bryan Edward  and Leanne.

Bryan Edward Kissinger

Leanne Kissinger

Michelle Lynn Griiser married Gregory William Ferris . They had 2 children. Anna Kathleen and Allison Michelle .

Anna Kathleen Ferris

Allison Michelle Ferris

Michael James Griisser married Carina Lund Petersen. They had 1 child.

Nikolaj Lund Griisser

Michael J. Griisser  married Carina L. Lund they had 1 child Nikolaj L.

Nikolaj L Griisser

Rosemary Griisser married James E. Hall.

Kathryn Clare Griisser married ? Kimble

Elizabeth Anne Griisser married ? Wissman

Linda Gayle Griisser married ? Butgzy

James Lee Drinks III, Son, Married Sonia Stankiewicz from Brooklyn they had 4 children. Carol Ann, Christine, James Lee IV and Paul.

Carol Ann married married Frederick Brandes They had 3 children Joyce, Sarah and Daniel Mary

Christine married Robert Maiale They have 1 child; Jacob

James Lee IV married Susan Ann Scanlon.They had 3 children. James Lee V, David William and Emily

James Lee V Drinks

David William Drinks

Emily Drinks

Paul Douglas maried Rebecca Anderson.They had 2 children, Eric and Kevin

Eric Drinks

Kevin Drinks

30. No. 3209 The James Yirka and wife Louise Schwab   (Bought the house from the Drinks Family) James,  Born July 17, 1910, Died May 10, 1990 He was employed by the Dupont Co. in Curtis Bay) Louise, Wife, Born June 26, 1911, Died June 23, 1966 was daughter of Frank and Mary Schwab They had 4 children: Clara, Margaret, James Jr. and Frank.

Clara Yirka married Walter Anuszewski from Wagners Point.

Margaret Yirka,  Born April 24, 1935, married James Deavers of Fairfield on February 22,1965. They had one daughter Cheryl born 3-22-67

James  Yirka Jr. Born October 24,

Frank Yirka

31. Masonville School was closed and later destroyed by fire.

32. Sobrosky Family, Gus and wife Evelyn Carneal. Gus drove the  St. Rose of Lima school bus.

32.. Holy Family; John and wife Annie, , maiden name Gleason  They had 2 children;Tootsie, Daughter  and  Buster, son.

Tootsie Holy

Buster Holy

33. Annie Holy Family.

34. Dishroom Family.

35. Masonville Athletic Club was a one story building on Hollins St. They held dances and other social events. They also had a baseball team named “Masonville” that played other communities who had  teams, namely Curtis Bay, Wagners Point, Brooklyn. Some of the managers were: John McCormick, Clyde Keefe and Bill Johnson. Some of the players were, Dell Jeeter LF, Plut Jenkins SS, Hooty ? SS, Pete Jenkins 3B, and Buck Foster Catcher

36 Shultz, Family, Michael and wife Nellie. Their daughter Minie  drown while swimming at the “Cove”.  Bill Johnson, who was an excellent swimmer recovered Minie’s body. Ruth, Daughter, married Moon Ballman of Brooklyn They had 3 children.

Frank Ballman

Anna May Ballman

Eva Ballman

37. Holy Family, Jacob and wife Pauline. They had  5 children, Annie, Joseph, Helen, Frank, Emeal.

Anne Holy

Joseph Holy

Helen Holy

Frank Holy

Emeal Holy

38.No.3319 Olup Family, Andrew and wife Anna.  They had 10 children 5 boys and 5 girls  Benjamin, “Benney”, Gertude, Jenny, Helen, Annie, Stanley “Stach”, Leonard “Lenny”, Joseph “Ushie” Sophie “Huncha” and Alvin “Benuch”.

Benjamin Olup “Benny”

Gertude Olup “Gerty”

Jenny Olup

Helen Olup

Annie Olup married Lawrence Teal from Fairfield.

Stanley Olup “Stach”

Leonard Olup “Lenny”

Joseph Olup  “Ushie”

Sophie Olup “Huncha”

Alvin Olup  “Bnuch”

Chesapeake Ave. (Earlier known as Hospital Drive)

39. Jensens Junk Yard

40. The Five Sisters Tavern, was internationally known by the sailors from visiting ships from around the world. The ships made port calls at the factories and shipyards in the area and visited the tavern for food and drink. The tavern was very popular on Friday night .”Payday” for the factory workers.The five sisters were,  Helen, Ida, Mary , Bertha and Gertie.

41. Stavinsky Family

42. Carneal Family: William, husband and wife Gertude Edds were from Tapahana Va. Edds. The Carneals lived on Tyson’s Row in  Fairfield before moving to Masonville.  They had 8 children

Mable Carneal, daughter, married Walter Drowsky from Curtis Bay.

Irene, Carneal daughter, married a Woods, later married Norman Abby.

Evelyn Carneal Daughter, married Gus Sobroski from Masonville  Gus drove the school bus for St. Rose of Lima. Gus died at a early age. Evelyn then married a man named Sparks.

William Carneal , son, married and lived on St. Victor St. in Brooklyn.

Roy Carneal, son, married Alma Faulkner from Brooklyn.

Mary Carneal, daughter married Edward Tabor from S. Baltimore.

David Carneal, son, married Eleanor Shoemaaker from Brooklyn.

43. Bathgate Family

44. Ruben Jeeter and wife Anne  lived in a red brick house on a hill off of Ninth Street near Potapsco Ave. before moving to the large brown house on Chesapeake Ave. near Shell Road. They had 7 Children.

Samuel Jeeter married Susan McGarrity Coonan.

Ernest Jeeter

Wilmer Jeeter

Willis Jeeter

Edward Jeeter

Nellie Jeeter

Revel Jeeter

45. Jensen Tavern. Otts Jensen was the owner. Otts married widow Helen Day from Brooklyn. They changed the name to “Day’s Tavern”. Mrs. Day had two sons Herbert and ?

Baltic Ave. (Earlier known as Baltimore St.)

46. Akehurst Family,  George and wife . They had 2 children.

George Akehurst Jr.

Thomas Akehurst married Evelyn Harman of Masonville. Daughter of Graham and Anne Harman.  They had 1 daughter Mary Anna

MaryAnna Akehurst married Joseph Catalano from South Baltimre. They had 3 Children. James, Denise and Mary Jo.

James Catalano

Denise Catalano

Mary Jo Catalano

47.Tate Family. Earlier the family had lived in House # 10 on Matson St.)  Atwood Tate and wife Della.  They had 9 children; Lois,  Christine, Edith, Donald, Creston,  Audrey, Erma, Wayne and Barry:

Lois Tate married Delmus Jeeter of Masonville They had 2 children; Donna and Larry


Larry .

Christine Tate married Edmund Harnstrom from Curtis Bay. They had 2 children; Edmund Jr. and Philip

Edmund Jr.


Edith Tate married David Andrews from East Aurora, NY They had 3 children; Carol, Nancy and Jonathon




Donald Tate married Alice Benone from Altoona, Pa. They had 2 children; Don Lee and Renee

Don Lee


Creston Tate married Betty Jane Wills from Brooklyn. They had 3 children; Dale, Debra and Pamela




Audrey Tate  married Jack Helms from Brooklyn . They had 1 child Jack. Audrey later married Edward Strigel.


Erma Tate married Edward Parmentier from Tonawanda, NY. They had 2 children; Leslie and Jane



Dr.Wayne Tate, MD married Alice Care from North Carolina they had  6 children; Bentley, Jason, Haley, Creston, Della andLydia (Deceased)






Lydia (Deceased)

Atwood “Barry” Tate married Marilyn ? from Baltimore they had 3 children; Amy, Allison and Ashley.




The Tate family moved to Doris Ave. in Brooklyn Park from Masonville

48. Trix Family had 2 children, John and Catherine,

49.Shults Family

50.Josyln Lumber Company manufactured “Cross Arms” for the electric and telephone poles

Ninth Street

51. James Gleason and wife Carrie, maiden name Chaney. They had  3 Children. Doris, Lorrain and James “Duke”. Miss Carrie’s  brother  Joseph Chaney lived with the Gleason family.

Doris Gleason married Edward Jeeter from Masonville Md.

Lorrain, Gleason, married Bruce Turner

James  “Duke” .

52. Barry Family, Eugene and wife Mary, daughter of Samuel and Susan Jeeter of Masonville, They had one child.

Mary Ellen Barry married Kenneth Pakulski. They have 2 children.Bonnie and Kenneth



53 Faulkner Family.Luther and wife Ida purchased  the house from Abe Parker.

54. Belle Parker House Mrs Parker was a widow and lived in a very small Cottage. She was related to Jeeter Family







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